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I have many passions in my life and I give each one everything I have to give but you are probably here to discover more about my passion for embroidery!

It may just be another business service to you, but to me creating embroidery designs and embroidered products is like an adventure!  I can take your 2d design or graphics and turn it into a 3d piece of art full of texture that will make you want to touch it and shine that will make it eye-catching!

I want you to feel proud and confident to wear your brand or custom design and it’s my personal mission to make your embroidery look AH-MAZING!

So get on with what you love doing and leave your embroidery work up to me!

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Embroidery Services

Find out more about my Embroidery Services


Wearing your brand on your clothing is the perfect way to get in front of potential customers everywhere you go!

Embroidery is a long term branding solution.  The designs are durable and create a stand out 3d effect which is perfect for marketing and helping your brand literally “shine”!

Choosing quality embroidery for showcasing your brand looks incredibly professional.  It tells your customers that you value quality, care about taking the time to do something to a high standard and that you are willing to invest in products that last.

What does your branded clothing say about your brand?

Mandy Chamberlin

Mandy Chamberlin

Embroidery Digitizer / Owner


Hi, I’m Mandy!  I’m the face behind Veronica and Me Embroidery and Designs. 

Most of my career has been focused on human behaviour and interaction. I studied Psychology and Criminology at university and all of my jobs have revolved around understanding people and why they do what they do. These skills have proved invaluable when it comes to navigating the waters of business networking and interactions.

After working in both the corporate and public sectors, I started my business after the birth of my first daughter Veronica. (Yes, she is named after Veronica Mars – my ultimate TV obsession!) It began as a venture with flexible hours to work from home while spending time with my children, but it also introduced to me to the Network NZ Community which helped take my business from strength to strength.

I am a creative thinker who is always looking for a better way to do things. Not only does this help me when I try and take on too much (as I always do), but I love to provide suggestions and ideas to other business owners when they too are looking for a better way. I live in Auckland with my amazing husband Bruce and our two gorgeous daughters.


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