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Hi I’m Mandy!

Thanks for stopping by this little corner of my website. 

If you’re anything like me you love to read about pages to find out a little more about the person behind the business.  I think this has been especially common in recent times with a lot more people advocating to support local NZ businesses – if you are one of these amazing people, thank you in advance for supporting my local small business.

A little bit about me and how this all came to be…

Veronica and Me Designs started as a “mummy and me” outfit business back when I was on maternity leave from my corporate job with my first daughter, Veronica (hence the name Veronica and Me). 

Let’s just say “mummy and me” outfits were not my calling but I did fall in love with embroidery and took a route that has led me down a path of many opportunities.

As I received more and more requests for custom embroidered items and custom design work, Veronica and Me Designs evolved into a custom local embroidery services and international embroidery digitizing business

In recent years, I’ve also added vinyl printing and sublimation printing to my offerings but embroidery remains my core service.

These days, Veronica and Me Designs isn’t my only business.  Through my love for embroidery I started the NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts group in 2017 to connect with other machine embroiderers in NZ and I didn’t realise at the time but that was the start of an amazing community of fellow embroiderers and friends.


Where things are today

Mandy Chamberlin - For Everything Embroidery

My passion for embroidery and mission to gain access to better embroidery supplies in NZ also led me to my role as the NZ Manager for Echidna Sewing.

Through this role, I’m a Brother NZ dealer selling Brother sewing and embroidery machines all around NZ, helping fellow embroiderers learn how to embroider, use their new machine or master some skills and I run fun monthly social events.  If you’re keen to get to know me better, I’ve combined all my ventures on my website at

All my businesses are run from my home studio office in Howick, Auckland.  Visitors are able to pop in by appointment only and if you’re local I’m happy for you to pick up your finished orders at agreed times.

What about Veronica?

Veronica is now 6 years old and she even has a younger sister too (Ariel) so we’ve come a long way. 

I get asked often if I’m going to change the name of my business now that Ariel has come along and I’ve thought about it many times but the name is something that connects me to the reason I started this business. 

Veronica was my prompt to try something new in life and take a risk outside my comfort zone and the name represents the start of a journey that has taken many twists and turns but is ultimately the job I wake up every day excited to come to.

Helping others bring their special designs to life is my happy place and it’s what fuels me. From creating custom keepsakes that will be treasured and passed down through generations through to designing mementos for special events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.  I also love helping businesses owners get the brand that they have put their heart and soul into onto clothing which they can wear with pride. 

Last but not least…

If you’ve come here because you’re interested in having something embroidered (or maybe you need an embroidery design created – I offer embroidery digitizing services over on my other website) – thank you for your support, I hope you’ll get in touch so we can chat about how to bring your ideas and designs to life with embroidery.


Let me help you get to where you want to go…

Ready to Go Products

Ready to go products are items I generally have in stock and can add some basic customisation to.

Such as a name, a few lines of text or a custom template I’ve created that you can insert your details into.

Mum Saying on White Lacey Hankie

Customisable Products

Looking for something more specific to add a completely unique design to like a logo or custom artwork?

Customisable products are the larger range of products I can source from my suppliers and add your custom design to.

embroidered logo polo shirts little ducks outdoor toddler wear

Completely Custom

Looking for something really unique?  Can’t find the blank you need?

Maybe you have something unique that you want to add some custom embroidery to?

Find out more here and get in touch with me.

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